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Table of Content was created as a platform for kitesports enthusiast to easily find locations and businesses that can provide them with the services they are looking for.

To access your portal, login with your credentials, and you will see a drop-down list in the right-hand corner of the page.

You will have two different profile on

  • User Account: the main space for users to login and be able to leave rating and reviews for locations and businesses they travel to before and even save destination they want to visit. 
  • Business Profile: it’s all about your businesses and what you offer. From your contact details, operating times, prices, special offers and team profiles – it is like a mini page for your business, so it is vital to keep it updated at all times. - business log in

#1 Update Your User Account

User Account is your personal profile, so it is important to keep it up to date.

Updating your account details takes only a few minutes and will make it easier for you and other community members to connect and share your stoke for kite sports.

As a business, you use this account to login to access your business profile. It is absolutely up to you if you create this account with the details of your business or you create it as an owner or manager of the company. We do, however, suggest that you create it as the later (personal account) as you can also leave ratings and reviews to the location you operate from and also others you may have visited before!

  • Add your profile picture
  • Home spot (the closest or the most visited) or just your location
  • Your kiteboarding level
  • Short Bio
  • Social media profiles
  • Your Shot real
  • Favourite and & Saved Locations - business users

#2 Build Your Business Profile

To complete your profile in as much detail as possible, you will need to provide the following information and follow the steps below:


Enter your business details so that customers may know when you are open, how to find you and how to contact you.

Business Details 

    • Title – Enter your business name
    • Business Owner – This is Auto filled from your user account. The business owner name does not display within the advert and is only for admin purposes.
    • Business Type – Please select your business type from the dropdown box. If your business operates as two business types (e.g. Kite School and Shop), we advise that you select the Business Type that represents the broader aspect of your business. You will be able to tell your customers about each service you provide in the Services section (Part 5 of this guide).
    • Location – Please select your location from the dropdown list. Choose the primary location you operate from/are closest to.

Business Contact Info

    • Enter your business contact details so that customers know how to contact you. This will feature in the header of your business profile page for customers to access easily.

Business Location

    • Geographical coordinates of your businesses premises (if your business is mobile, place the drop pin on your primary meeting point), this can be done by zooming in on your location using the map.

Operating Seasons

    • Tick the boxes for the months your advertised business is open and operational.

Operating Times

    • Enter the opening and closing hours of your business for each day. If your business is closed on any day, leave the field empty.
Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business details




    • Add your businesses Instagram account name. Do not include the @ symbol before the name. If you do not have an Instagram account, leave this field empty.


    • Add the full URL for your businesses Facebook page. If you do not have a business Facebook page, leave this field empty.


    • Add your businesses Twitter account name. Do not include the @ symbol before the name. If you do not have a Twitter account, leave this field empty.
Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business social


Business Imagery 

  • BG (Background) header image
    • This will be the banner image of your business profile. Please use a photo of your business premises so that customers may recognise your business. Maximum image size 4mb, max 1980×900 px, recommended aspect ratio 2:1 (landscape).


  • Intro Image
    • Upload your primary business image. Maximum image size 4mb, max 800×800 px, recommended aspect ratio 1:1 (square).


  • Business Logo
    • Upload your business logo. Maximum image size 4mb, max 500x500px, recommended aspect ratio 1:1 (square). In order to replace an image simply choose a file and then click “update”.


Stocked Brands

    • If your business sells goods or uses a particular brand of equipment in the school, you can let customers know what you have in stock.
    • You can upload up to 12 brand images. 
    • Maximum image size 4mb, 240x180px.
    • Kite related business, Schools and shops, we collated some kite brand logos for you. So just select the button below and download the logos of the brands you work with.
    • If you stock a brand that is not in the file, you may upload your own images. 

To delete a brand image, tick the delete box in the corner of the image and click update.


    • Upload pictures which best display the services your business provides
    • You may upload up to 10 images. Maxiumum 4mb, 800x800px (square).
Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business social


SEO Content

    • Provide a title and description of your business page specifically for search engines, such as Google. This will set the tags title and meta description in the HTML code, which helps search engines to decide how relevant your page is for the current search. The SEO title and description are not visible to the visitors of your business page, but they might appear in the results listing of the search engine. Hence, please provide text appealing to humans and not just a collection of keywords.

Business Content

  • Business Headline
    • Insert your business tagline. In one sentence, tell your customers what makes your business stand out.


  • Overview
    • Use this section to tell potential customers about your business. Provide a brief and general explanation of your business services and what potential customers can expect from you once they are there. In the next section, services, you will be able to provide more information about each service.


  • Facilities
    • List the facilities your business provides; e.g., showers, equipment storage, parking, etc.


  • Pricing
      • In this section, enter your price list for all advertised activities. It should specify the activity title, brief description and price.

For example:

“Group Kitesurfing Courses – 4 students per group
1 Day – £99 weekday, £109 weekend
2 Days – £179 weekday, £199 weekend
3 Days – £269 weekday, £289 weekend
5 Days – £449
Board Control – £99 per day
*Prices per person. The course duration is 5 hours per day.”

Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business content


You may add up to 8 services/activities to your business profile. To add a new service, click the “+ Add Service” button.

To delete a section, click the “Remove” button to the top right side of the service title box.

  • Service Title
    • Please use the full title of the service you provide; do not abbreviate. E.g. type Stand Up Paddleboarding, not SUP.


  • Service description
    • Describe each of the services or activities you are offering. E.g., kitesurfing, paddleboarding, yoga, guided tours, glamping tents, secluded bungalows, downwinders etc. Activities listed in the activities description must match with the activity title. One activity/service per box.
    • If needed, you may add service-specific pricing here.
Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business services


  • Add each of your staff members for your customers to see. In this section, you can display your team with their names, languages, qualifications and bio.
  • If they are an instructor, tell customers about their teaching experience and preferred disciplines.
  • You can delete and replace ‘staff cards’ at any time by ticking the delete box in the upper right corner of the image followed by clicking the update button.
  • Image upload
    • 1:1 ratio (square) max 4mb 400x400px.
    • We recommend a headshot or close up action shot.
Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business staff


You can add up to four offers to entice customers to any exclusive deals and discounts you are offering. If you do not wish to add any offers or discounts, just leave the boxes blank, and they will not show on your business page.

  • Offer Code
    • If your website uses coupons/vouchers at the checkout, enter the code exactly as the customer should type it.

  • Offer description
    • Describe your promotion.
Click ‘Update’ to save your progress. - business offers

#3 Submit Your Profile for Approval

Once you completed your profile and you are happy how it looks (use “View Business Listins” to see your changes) you can click “Request Approval” to submit your profile for team to review. - business details

A member of our team will proofread your business profile and get it ready for publishing. If we need to make any amends or we have any questions, we will contact you directly.

You will receive a confirmation email from our team, letting you know that your profile is published.

If you like you can make any profile amendments at any time by logging in to your account and adding the needed information, then clicking “Update”. Your profile will look just like this one:


#3 Collect Ratings & Reviews

There is never too many Reviews that a business can have! Encourage your customers to leave you one via

To get the ball rolling and get your rating and reviews filled up, print this Rating and Review poster for your location and spread it around your premises so your customers can leave you feedback while they are still there!

  1. Click on the button below, select country your business is based at.
  2. Download the poster.
  3. Print it and put it in a visible place where your customers can see it!
Long Bay - Rate & Review poster

#4 Add Our Logo To Your Website

Here at, we do care very much about our connection with the businesses we work with.
To make sure that your customers know about our collaboration, we suggest you add our logo to the footer of your website.

1. Download the logo file in white or black colour, depending on your preference.
2. Add it to the footer of your website or anywhere else you prefer.
3. you can use either the direct link to the website or a direct link to your business profile (that looks like this:


If you come across any issues with creating your profile, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible and we will be able to help you.

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