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Tailored experience for active people

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The Nam Chau Boutique Resort - Mui Ne Passion is not just a beach resort. It is an experience. The Nam Chau experience is tailored to provide nonstop fun for active people. Beach volleyball, beach football, jet skiing, SUP surfing, kite surfing, plus beach and pool parties. The resort is set in a three-hectare garden with rustic accommodations made from mostly natural materials like bamboo and thatched roofs. 




The Nam Chau Boutique Resort has 52 separate accommodations, including bungalows, economy rooms and dormitory type accommodations inside individual cottages and in rooms with between four and seven beds each.

The resort has one large open-air restaurant, a beach bar and a swimming pool. Billiards are available in the lobby area. Our wide sandy beach is the site of regular volleyball and football games, plus a large number of water sport activities and our kite surfing school and equipment rentals.


Room Prices during holiday periods (New Year - 28 December 2019 to 06 January 2020 and 25 January 2020 to 02 February 2020:
- Private Bungalow with breakfast for one or two people - VND 1,650,000 (Approximately USD $72.00)
- Private Economy Room with breakfast for one or two people – VND 1,450,000 (Approximately USD $63.00)
- Single in shared accommodation with breakfast – VND 550,000 (Approximately USD $24.00)
- Single or double in Private Room with a double bed inside shared accommodation cottage with breakfast – VND 850,000 (Approximately USD $37.00)

The rest of the year:

- Private Bungalow with breakfast for one or two people - VND 1,150,000 (Approximately USD $50.00)
- Private Economy Room with breakfast for one or two people – VND 1,000,000 (Approximately USD $43.00)
- Single in shared accommodation with breakfast – VND 390,000 (Approximately USD $17.00)
- Single or double in Private Room with a double bed inside shared accommodation cottage with breakfast – VND 750,000 (Approximately USD $33.00)

  • Kitesurfing


We've partnered up with Source Kiteboarding, so we can give each guest the experience they deserve.

The trainers at Source are passionate about sharing the fun and excitement of kiteboarding with all of our guests. Mui Ne enjoys an average of 227 days per year of wind above 12 knots, making it one of the most consistently windy destinations in Asia. Beginners, Improvers, or Advanced riders can take advantage of our top of the range NorthKB 2020 equipment and our excellent wind conditions. Based in the lush and tropical surroundings of Nam Chau Boutique Resort, Source Kiteboarding has been welcoming kiters and watersports lovers to Mui Ne since 2014. We are the designated dealers and distributors for NorthKB kites and Asian ambassadors for the newest and most exciting brand on the market. Start on your kitesurfing journey, refresh your skills or hone your latest trick with the help of our professional and experienced instructors. Take your trip to Vietnam to the next level!

Our annual kitesurfing competition is held at the Nam Chau each January and is growing bigger and more popular every year. Local & international riders are welcomed by the Mui Ne kiteboarding community to compete, in both strapless wave riding and freestyle, for some fantastic prizes. The action is not only on the water but also at beach parties with DJs, live music and sunset sessions at Nam Chau all happening over the competition weekend.

The 2018 MKWC saw the arrival of Cabrinha pro rider Keahi De Aboitiz to Vietnamese shores, where he acted as head judge for the competition and showed off his slick skills in the water in two show-stopping strapless wave/freestyle kite demos for the fans on the beach. And 2019 saw the largest crowd of the event's history, with over 50 competitors taking to the waves, in front of a huge crowd on the beach. We are passionate about sharing the stoke with our friends and community, passionate about music and passionate about fun. MKWC is the perfect opportunity for us to share this love with you!

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Meet the team

Julien Brout

Certified IKO instructor Level 2
French & Engish
Julien is originally from Normandy in France, but moved to Ireland in 2001 after his studies, where he learned and started teaching kiteboarding in 2003. Julien has been travelling around the best spots in the world since then . He has been working in the hospitality and accommodation business for many years, and used that experience to successfully renovate and develop a popular kite camp in Dakhla (Morocco) and another one in Ireland. Julien has been involved in the organisation of multiple kitesurfing events and competitions, and is the driving force behind all the team at Source.

Siobhan Comerford

MSc in Tourism Management
Siobhan grew up in the Irish countryside. She knows the hospitality industry inside out, thanks to many years working and studying in the tourism sector. She is a kiter, equestrian enthusiast, an avid reader and, since moving to Vietnam, an English teacher! When she's not teaching, you can find her at the Nam Chau, on the beach with Rocky, the official Source mascot and all the rest of the kiters and trainers!

Geoffroy Charton

French and English
Originally from Embrun in the Southern Alps, Geoffroy has been passionate about board sports from a young age. As a teenager, he moved to Ouakam (Senegal) with his family where he practiced body boarding after school, which led him to try kite surfing on his first visit to Vietnam more than 10 years ago. As co-owner of a restaurant in France, Geo mastered his passion for cooking, and he is a creative force in the kitchen. When not in the kitchen, there is a big chance you will find him on the beach at Nam Chau waiting for the next breeze...

Trung Dong

Vietnamese and English
Born and raised in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, Trung moved to Phan Thiet in 2017 and immediately started working at the Nam Chau Boutique Resort as sales manager and public relations for all foreign guests of the resort.

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