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Panama Kite Center is your top-notch kiteboarding centre in Punta Chame, Panama. It is our passion to make independent kitesurfers every day. Our training program is based on international standards (IKO / VDWS) and our friendly and knowledgeable instructors will make your kitesurfing experience a pleasure.
Our full-service kitesurfing school is located on the prime spot, in front of a lagoon protected by sandbanks where you can learn to kite in the best conditions with waist-deep water.


Everything a kitesurfer’s heart desires. We offer a fully equipped kitesurf shop, Cabrinha and Core kite gear rental, comprehensive kite repairs, equipment storage and a chill vibe beach club in Punta Chame.

We make kitesurfers. Our professional instructors will bring you closer to the elements. No matter if you are a beginner or intermediate, we have a training program that suits you.

Punta Chame provides many varied playgrounds on more than 30 square kilometres. The perfect place to travel with the wind. Take a look at one of Central America's top destinations.


At Panama Kite Center we base our kite teaching program on international standards to ensure you have a fast learning progression and make the most out of your time.
The PKC team is committed to coach you to become an independent kiteboarder. Equipped with all the skills and knowledge you will be able to react to any situation and you will feel safe on a kite from day one.

Individual lessons (one to one) $70
Individual package (8h) $499
Partner lessons (2students) $99
Lessons with Intercom +$20

For intermediate and advanced kiters we offer lessons to boost your riding to the next level. Learn how to foil, go strapless on a surfboard, progress your jumping, do a darkslide or expand your big air tricks.

Lessons with own gear $50
Foil lesson $50
Regular lesson with Rental gear $50
Lessons with Intercom +$20
Video Analysis +£20

  • Kiteboarding Lessons (beginner/advanced/foil)
  • Downwinders & Kite Safaris
  • Accommodation

Kiteboarding Lessons (beginner/advanced/foil)

Our crew of professional instructors will teach you wherever your level.
Whether you are a beginner and are just starting out or if you would like to polish your jumping, start to unhook or try the hydrofoil for a change. All of our instructors are IKO or VDWS certified. We teach with a focus on fun and safety in order to help you achieve your goals. 
Our instructor crew is from all around the world, so we will be able to teach you at least in German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.
Our flat water lagoon in front of the school provides the best learning environment in Panama.
Paired with our Bluetooth radio headsets, nothing should stand in your way to become a better kiteboarder.
Our approach is very dedicated, so you are not only a number but most likely our crew will be available to socialize after the lessons and enter a discussion about kiteboarding at our bar after your session.

Downwinders & Kite Safaris

We offer trips to explore the amazing spot in Punta Chame.

While the flat water lagoon in front of the school is our home ground, there are trips to other lagoons, the flat water around Taborcillo island, the sandbanks in the middle of the bay and so on.



Nothing like staying right at the spot. From your bed to the beach within a minute.

Our accommodation options include glamping tents or a studio with air condition, a private kitchenette and a private bathroom.



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