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Official Cabrinha Kiteboarding center in Sicily

  • Overview
  • Facilities
  • Pricing


ProKite Alby Rondina is the right choice for kitesurfing in Sicily, modern and well-equipped with Cabrinha Kiteboarding gear, located by the sea in Lo Stagnone lagoon between towns Marsala and Trapani in the west of Sicily. Kite center offers accomodation, kite courses for beginners and advanced riders, kite storage and rental. Spot offers big flat water lagoon perfect for learning, freeriding and freestyle with steady winds all year long. Nearby airport Trapani is easy to reach from all around europe.


Kite School

Equipment Rental


SUP Lessons & Rental


Beginner lessons 2 hr € 150 - private course 1 student 1 instructor

Beginner Kitecourse (6Hr 0 level) € 370 - private course 1 student 1 instructor

Advance Kitecourse 6Hr (from Body drag-waterstart level) € 350 -private course 1 student 1 instructor

Extra 2 hr (after 6 hr kitecourse) - € 100 

Semi-Private lessons  (1kite each student) 6hr € 320 price per person -with 1 instructor 2 students

Private Teacher 4 Group/Family 4 Hr € 680 Total price shared from 3 to 6 persons max

Freestyle lessons 2 hr € 160 - private course 1 student 1 instructor

  • Accommodation
  • 6H private Kitecourse
  • Equipment Rental Not Refundable
  • Storage


We offer two accommodation options in our complex directly at the beach: Hotel with Standard or Comfort Rooms (Single / Double / Triple beds with daily cleaning included) or Villas for up to 8 people (witch own kitchen and final cleaning included) Standard or Comfort. All rooms have Air Conditioning and Free Wi-Fi.

6H private Kitecourse

Our lagoon is as good as it can get for learning or improving in kiteboarding. 2000 hectares of shallow & flat water provides space for easy, safe & fast teaching progress. We teach private lessons with radio system, equipment insurance is included. Usually it takes around 6-10 hours to learn first water starts, we offer 6H Kite Course for 350€, after which students have discount on additional lesson (100€ / 2H) or 10% discount on equipment rental. 

Equipment Rental Not Refundable

We offer Cabrinha and NP equipment for rental with insurance included. Our rental is OPEN, which means that you can choose the days for which you paid rental during the period of your stay (there is no problem to add additional rent days on spot). We have kites ranging from 3.5m to 19m (SwitchBlade, Moto, FX or Contra)


If you do not want to carry your gear back and forth to your room, I can offer you an equipment storage at our station for 81€ a week,

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