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Leading BKSA School & National Training Centre

  • Overview
  • Facilities
  • Pricing


The Kitesurf Centre was created by two highly experienced BKSA senior instructors to provide the finest level of kite surfing tuition in the South East of England, run from a centre on the beach at Camber Sands, East Sussex, near Rye. Our location not only offers superior wind conditions to any location on the South or East coast but also the unique position of having an excellent selection of the latest equipment right at your fingertips.

At The Kitesurf Centre, we pride ourselves in having a selection of the most experienced and highly regarded instructors in the UK. All are BKSA, first aid and powerboat trained. Our instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and able to teach in a wide range of languages.

Our centre and shop are located on Camber Sands beach, around 1 hour from south London. It’s no secret that Camber Sands is the finest beach for kite surfing and water sports in the Southeast with 4 miles of open sand and relatively flat sea conditions. We are fortunate enough to have our new centre just behind the beach, offering the ideal location for a kitesurf school. The centre offers a relaxed comfortable atmosphere concealed from the often-ideal windy elements.

Being located on a peninsular offers us beaches facing in two directions meaning we can use almost any wind direction for lessons and the wind still blows onshore. Greatstone near New Romney is a 10-mile stretch of sand in a beautiful rural location. The huge tidal range offers ideal learning conditions with super flat shallow water.

Though our name may suggest we are simply a kitesurfing school, we teach a wide variety of sports suitable for almost any wind condition, fitness level or budget. In each one of our lessons, we provide all of the necessary equipment. The centre offers equipment hire in all the sports & has a large range of new & used equipment available to purchase from the shop.


Changing rooms
Boat rescue on lessons
Equipment Hire


Group Kitesurfing Courses - 4 students per group

1 Day - £99 weekday, £119 weekend
2 Days - £189 weekday, £219 weekend
3 Days - £279 weekday, £299 weekend
5 Days - £469
Board Control - £99/109 per day
*Prices per person. The course duration is 5 hours per day.

Private Tuition (per hour)

1 to 1 - £50 weekday, £55 weekend
2 to 1 £60 weekday, £70 weekend

Land Kiting - 6 students per group

2hours Powerkiting - £49
2.5hours Kite Buggying £59
4hours Kite Landboarding £89
*Prices per person

  • Kitesurfing
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Kite Landboarding & Kite Buggying
  • Multi Activity Days


The Kitesurf Centre offers BKSA kitesurfing lessons for all abilities, from complete beginner courses to advanced coaching with our professional instructors.

Kitesurfing 1 day taster course – An introduction to the sport covering the basics of kite flying. Involves loads of practical and epic fun but doesn’t cover board starts.

Kitesurfing 2 day course – A good introduction to the sport continuing from the 1st day, spending most of the time in the water and introducing the board.
Kitesurfing 3 day course – Continuing from the 2 day course but practicing board starts, controlled riding, turns and stops.
5 Day ‘Zero to Hero’ Kitesurfing – A course aimed for those really aiming to get into kitesurfing, starting from the beginning but covering a substantial amount.
Board Control – For those who have completed a 2 or 3 day course or similar, that are aiming to board start under control, continue runs and introduce turns.
Coaching – Advanced courses for kitesurfers looking to perfect techniques or learn new tricks.
Private tuition – The optimum way to learn any of our sports, ideal for those with limited time or looking for a tailor made course. Hydrofoil Kitesurfing Lesson – For more experienced kitesurfers who want to learn to use a hydrofoil.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is a fun and easy to learn sport which is accessible to all ages. It's a fantastic way to explore our coast and surrounding rivers and whether you’re a new or seasoned paddler you can develop your skills across a variety of SUP disciplines.

Available activities:
Intro SUP & Safety (2hrs)
SUP River Tours (2hrs)
SUP River Tours (5hrs)
SUP Racing (2hrs)
SUP Surfing (2hrs)
SUP Fitness (2hrs)
SUP 'n' Stretch (2hrs)

2hrs SUP Lesson - £49
River Tour - 3hrs £69, 5hrs £99
*Prices per person

Kite Landboarding & Kite Buggying

Kite landboarding or kite mountain boarding brings together the excitement of flying a kite with the thrill of riding an off-road board; taking aspects from kitesurfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, it can be performed either on a sandy beach or inland in a field or park.
This sport has a very quick progression curve and you'll be surprised how far you are riding along by the end of this landboarding course. Learning to kite buggy is actually a lot easier than you would imagine. Unlike kite landboarding where balance is essential, kite buggying is performed seated using your legs for steering and arms to control and fly the kite.
If you're looking for a fun activity for the day, no matter your age or ability, kitebuggying is a great option! This course is aimed at beginners, first starting with a short theory session in our centre's classroom which covers wind and weather, site assessment, equipment, safety, the wind window and riding directions

Multi Activity Days

New for 2019, The Kitesurf Centre are offering Multi Activity Days so that groups of all sizes can enjoy a sample of the large range of activities available. Full days run for 6hrs and are split into 3 activities with a lunch break. Half days run of 3hrs and are split into 2 activities. Groups of 6 or more people can participate in a mix of the following activities as determined by the weather.

- 6+ person Multi Activity Days
- Options for SUP, Powerkiting, Landboarding and Kitebuggying
- Full day 6hrs of activities per day, combining 3 activities with a break for lunch - £99
- Half day 3hrs of activities per day, combining 2 activities - £59 
- Additional option for BBQ lunch
- We can cater for small or large groups - our biggest group so far was 120 people!

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Meet the team

Jen Bell-Taylor

Centre Manager -Senior BKSA & BSUPA Instructor
Jen has been teaching for since 2011 and involved in kitesurfing many more. She has taught around the UK and managed kite schools at various destinations worldwide. In addition to being a part of the management team, Jen is also a co-founder of thekitespot.com and writes equipment reviews for TheKiteMag.

Tristan Cawte

Centre Manager - Senior BKSA Instructor
Tristan learnt to kitesurf in 2005 and continued his passion whilst at University where he obtained a Marine Engineering degree, but more importantly his instructors certificate! On completion he taught for schools in England and abroad before gaining his senior instructor certificate and subsequently managed several centres. Before establishing The Kitesurf Centre with Thomas, he taught potential kitesurfing intructors the BKSA syllabus in Egypt. Tristan loves going kitesurfing on the really stormy days and doing huge jumps and mega loops - if it's 40mph+ then you'll see him out there!

Thomas Cawte

Centre Manager - BKSA & BSUPA Instructor
Thomas initially learnt to kite landboard whilst studying a Masters degree in Chemistry at Warwick University. After graduation he moved into kitesurfing and taught at several schools in the UK before establishing The Kitesurf Centre with his brothers in 2007. Thomas is also a keen snowboarder and stand up paddle boarder which has really opened up our eyes to the amazing wave surfing conditions Camber can offer. He runs the repair service with Michael and is very knowledgeable about all sorts of kitesurfing equipment. If he's not at the Centre you might see him out and about racing the roads of East Sussex on his road bike!

Rupert Cawte

Centre Manager - BKSA & BSUPA Instructor
Rupert initially bought a power kite many years ago to landboard with but was soon hooked and wanted a bigger kite so then learnt to kitesurf. Along with his brothers, Rupert is also involved with the running of the school and is very knowledgeable about the local conditions and equipment. As well as kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding/surfing, Rupert also loves snowboarding and cycling. He currently holds the world record for fastest speed on a snowboard (indoor) and is possibly the world's biggest fan of biscuits. When not going for his next world record you'll find him buried in a pile of ideas for all sorts of inventions!

Karen Inwood

Bookings Administrator - BSUPA Instructor
Karen has been involved with The Kitesurf Centre since 2014 (when she came to visit on holiday but ended up painting the centre!) and in 2017 took on the role of Centre Manager. When she's not helping you out with booking lessons or buying your latest equipment, Karen is learning to become an instructor herself and is also running The Kitesurf Centre blog about the learning experience and all things kiting. If you've got questions about starting your kitesurfing journey, Karen's your girl! When she's not at the centre you'll find Karen playing with dogs on the beach, cycling and hiking around the local area or camped out in the sand dunes reading a book.

Clive Marriner

Senior BKSA Instructor
Clive has been kitesurfing many years and began to instruct on the water in 2009. Prior to this he taught powerkiting in the parks of London (and worked as an insurance broker, but we try not to judge him for this!) Clive is super friendly, enthusiastic and a real asset to The Kitesurf Centre. You'll often see him on the beach with his similarly enthusiastic kids, and if you're lucky enough you might even have one of the older ones helping out on your lesson! Always finding something to laugh about, you're guaranteed to come back from a lesson with Clive with a smile on your face.

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