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We believe that taking a different approach to advertising is the key to expanding your reach to new customers. We do all of the work to bring customers to view your business by providing the tools your customers need to find you.

Our interactive search functions, seasonal travel map, and detailed location descriptions will guide customers to your location and your business. Potential customers will be able to view your business profile when searching for your local kite beach, read about the services you have to offer, and use the contact links you have provided to book directly with you.

All you need to do is to create and manage your profile and encourage your customers to leave peer-to-peer recommendations and reviews, so your future customers will know how fantastic your business and location is for kitesurfing and other watersports.

Moreover, we will send you free promotional tools to help you stand out from the crowd and broaden your reach to potential customers who are researching their kite sports travel plans.

How does it work?

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    Sign-up Your Business

    Sign up your business and start building your advertising profile through our step by step profile builder. You will be able to customise your profile through flexible modules. Whatever your business size and services, you can create your profile just the way you want it.

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    Receive Promotional Tools

    Once your profile is approved, we will send you a package of promotional tools that include flag, rate and review sticker, and poster. With these, you can make current customers aware of your new presence on and encourage them to leave a recommendation for your future clients.

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    Collect Ratings & Reviews

    Your customers are your strongest advocates. Collect their ratings and reviews for the location you operate in and your business for the next wave of customers to be inspired by and choose you over the competition.

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    Join the Community

    Join our facebook group, specially created for the watersports businesses that want to have a focused environment to connect and ask business-related questions.

Stand out by creating your business profile page within your location. Whether you own a school, camp, shop, bar or accommodation; be seen by kiters heading your way who need the services that you provide.

Join the community

Sign up your business

Own a Business? Broaden your reach to thousands of potential customers using to research their kite sports travel plans. Take advantage of our affordable and customisable business advertising spaces to promote your business, team and more.

Potential customers will be able to view your business when searching for your local kite beach, read about the services you have to offer and use the contact links you have provided to book directly with you.


  • Professionally Created Platform
  • Watersports Specific Audience
  • Fully Customisable Profile
  • Proofreading and Profile Assistance
  • Access to Business Community
  • Mobile Compatible
  • 24/7 Access
  • Simple Yearly Advertising Fee
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee


129  per year

Do you run a business in multiple locations or have more questions? Contact us directly or see our frequently asked questions section.

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your business benefits

As a business owner or a manager, your job is to prove your potential customers that you are serious about what you offer. Nowadays, an updated website and a clean facebook page is a credibility factor for your potential clients, which every business has to provide alongside clear communication channels. So what can you do to make your self more appealing? Reach further and make it easier for your customers to find you by extending your online presence in an environment dedicated to your target market.

Our personalised business profile lets you list your services and business details easily, and lets the watersports specific audience know that you are there to be part of their experience. In an environment where people shop for services through peer review, stand out by proving your credibility through customer ratings and reviews.

Your Profile

  • Business Contact Details
  • Opening Times and Operating Seasons
  • Business Overview
  • Facilities & Pricing
  • Services & Activities
  • Social Media Links
  • Logo and Picture Gallery
  • Brands you work with
  • Team Members (optional)
  • Offers (optional)

Promotional Tools

Peer to peer recommendation is what drives this industry forward, so there is never enough of reviews and ratings the business can get. Use our promotional tools to show your on-site and online credibility for your customers.


Be recognised as a part of the community on your spot with flag.

Review Poster

Encourage your customers to scan a QR code on the poster and leave a rating and review for your business while they are still in your premises.

Promo Stickers

Boost your credibility in your customer's eyes with an invitation to rate & review your business on

Business Community

Facebook Group

No matter where you are based or what size business you have or manage, we all encounter the same issues with staff, clients, booking platforms and the like. We are hosting a focused Facebook discussion group allowing you to talk with your fellow business owners and be part of the community. Be sure to join to share and receive some useful tips for your business.

Online Growth Insights

Receive watersports businesses specific tips on how to make sure your business is in the top form from the customers' point of view. We’ll send you suggestions and tips on how to help improve on your websites SEO, google business account, social media posting and more.

Make an impact. You will have the opportunity to shape this platform as we grow. Community is of paramount importance to us, and we want to contribute in every way we can for kiters and businesses worldwide. Let us know what you feel is missing, and we'll grow and evolve together with you and your needs.

Sign-up your business and create and personalise your business profile, collect peer-to-peer recommendations and reach your ideal clients.

want to know more?

frequently asked questions

What if my location doesn't exist?

If a guide for your location does not yet exist, please contact us directly at with your request and we will get a guide online as soon as possible.

Who may advertise on

We are always looking out for amazing new local businesses on the best kite spots around the world so that we can share them with adventurous people and kitesurfers looking for new places to travel.

When you sign up, you will receive a customisable profile in which you can advertise your range of services. We’re not here to restrict you or complicate the advertising process by charging for extras. You will have a full webpage on, linked to your location, with space to advertise up to 8 services within your business (please note, partnering businesses which operate under different names and/or ownership will be required to advertise through separate profiles. Space for only one business logo is provided in the profile.)

If you are a Tour Operator with access to multiple locations, please contact us at to create a custom subscription.

What is the sign up process?

Step 1: Sign up your business and pay for your advertising profile.

Step 2: Login to your account and start building your advertising profile through our step by step profile builder where you will be asked to provide service details and pictures.

Step 3: Submit your completed profile and wait for the approval. We will proofread your business profile ready for publishing.

Step 4: Once approved and published your profile is live for website users to view. If you like, you can make profile amendments at any time.

Step 5: Introduce your existing customers to and encourage them to leave your business a review.

Can I update my business details after signing up?

Yes, you can update your services information, offers and media uploads any time you like when you log in to your account. After you have made changes, just click 'Update'.

When and how can I contact you?

If you’ve read our story and what we have to offer you and you still have questions you can take a look through our informational videos. If, however, you can’t find what you need, contact our team, and we will gladly help. Email:

How are payments handled?

Payments and your financial details are handled through our payment partners, Stripe and PayPal.

Payments received for advertising are for a complete advertising term (Standard advertising term duration is 365 days from the date of payment). At the end of the advertising term, a new payment will be required to continue an additional term.

Prices are indicated for the whole year of advertising with the, starting from the date of the payment and will be renewed after 365 days, unless cancelled with a 1-month notice.

See for Stripe’s Terms and Conditions.

See for PayPal’s Terms and Conditions.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide that advertising with is not for you, you may cancel your advertising service within 30 days of your initial payment. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.